Abhishek N. Kulkarni


Ph.D. Candidate,
Robotics Engineering,
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI),
Worcester, MA, USA.

Email: ankulkarni@wpi.edu
Lab: Control and Intelligent Robotics Laboratory (CIRL)
Office: AK 316

Profiles: [Github] [LinkedIn] [Twitter] [Google Scholar]

Research Interests

I am presently exploring the use of formal methods and automated reasoning to synthesize strategies for autonomous agents capable of deception.

My focus areas are:

  • Reactive Synthesis

  • Automated Reasoning

  • Game and Hypergame Theory

  • Applications: Cybersecurity, Robot Motion Planning

Please visit my research page for detailed information about my ongoing research.


  • [June 2020] A book chapter A Theory of Hypergames on Graphs for Synthesizing Dynamic Cyber Defense with Deception is accepted to be published in the book Game Theory and Machine Learning for Cyber Security.

  • [June 2020] The paper Deceptive Labeling: Hypergames on Graphs for Stealthy Deception is accepted in L-CSS. Preprint is available on Arxiv.

  • [June 2020] I gave a short talk (video, paper) at Foundations of Computer Security (FCS) Workshop at CSF 2020.