Installation Instructions

ggsolver requires Python (>= 3.9) and spot (>=2.8). The recommended operating system is Debian bullseye or above.

If you want to use a different operating system, docker is the way to go! Please refer to the docker installation instructions below.


First, install spot using instructions given at install spot.

Then, install ggsolver:

$ git clone
$ cd ggsolver
$ python3 install

Docker Image (other OS)

When using some other OS where either spot or ggsolver is not installed, it is recommended to use Docker images with an Python IDE such as PyCharm. Note that using PyCharm is not necessary, but it makes life easy!!

Assuming Docker client is already installed on your OS, abhibp1993:ggsolver:latest docker image can be downloaded by running:

$ docker pull abhibp1993/ggsolver

The instructions to set up remote interpreter are given at Configure a Remote Interpreter using Docker.


The image abhibp1993/ggsolver:latest comes preinstalled with the latest version of ggsolver. For the development, use abhibp1993/ggsolver:devel image.